Monday, July 19, 2010


I harvested my first (well, not exactly) tomatoes. I will be overwhelmed by them in just a few days, but I am prepared to preserve my harvest.

Sly and the kids went to Florida to visit family. They brought home a huge bag of oranges. While the Honey Spiced Oranges can be seen in the last post, I also made marmalade. BTW, making marmalade=lots of work.

I made blackberry jam.

I made "end of the garden" pickles. There is a little of everything in there, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, beets, onions, and even green beans.

I am planning a second garden, now that most of my first garden is done. I will devote most of the second garden to green beans. I would like to put up a few because we really love them. My third garden will be carrots, onions, and potatoes since, with a little preparation, they can winter in the ground until I want to use them.

While my garden this year was very small, it has produced a lot of food and given me a great deal of satisfaction.

Happy Knitting!


hippezippe said...

I would love to have a garden :)
though I know that it really means work!
I grew up with a garden in the backyard and my mom did a lot of preserving - we kids helped and enjoyed the results :)

this year I do have one plant of cherry-tomatoes and one chilli on my balcony - both need watering twice for those hot summer days we have at the moment

greetings from cologne/germany
your former sockapalooza sockpal
hippezippe :)

punkin said...


I like seeing the produce from your garden and what you are canning. inspiration.

SalemRose said...

You amaze me...I still need to have you show me how to make soap!!! Love you Super Woman!