Friday, July 31, 2009

I accepted a job

It was a long search, but I have accepted a job teaching 8th grade Language Arts. Right now, the job is temporary, but there is a real good chance that the job will become permanent. Sadly, I will be filling in for someone who is young and very sick.

I am happy with the school district. I accepted the job because of the small town feel, the clean and friendly town, and I really liked all the people I met in the school. I am making arrangements to see the classroom and pick up my curriculum materials. I am so excited.

Happy Knitting!


punkin said...

I am happy for you. Congratulations!
It sounds like a nice place to work.

Jen D. said...

How awesome! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

Emerald said...

Wonderful news!!! 8th grade, just before they enter HS, wow, your impact will be great!

slydog said...
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