Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Stuff and Things

I am still waiting on a new student teaching assignment. Hopefully, this week.

Sly's plant shut down last week. Actually, they laid everybody off for a week. So, he could not use his vacation time. It seems they will be doing these type of shut downs as needed over the next year. It sucks because we really can't afford going without a week's pay. My job wasn't much, but since I am out of work (to do the student teaching that I am not doing), we don't have extra money.

One good thing about being home is that I have the time and energy to cook, saving us the eating out money. But, I am getting board. I have been finishing up all my WIPs and posting them on Ravelry.

Today, my baby boy turns 21! I am going to go cry somewhere.

Happy knitting!


punkin said...

Sorry to hear that Sly's job. I hope things pick up.

It is hard to go from insanely busy to having extra time, isn't it?

Happy Birthday to your son! My son will be 20 this year.

Anonymous said...
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