Saturday, March 29, 2008

In Honor of Earth Hour

Today, at 8 pm is Earth Hour. For that hour, millions of people all over the world will be turning off the lights, TVs, radios, and all other non-essential appliances. I encourage all of you to support this effort.

With that in mind, I am sharing some of my favorite "green" tips.

Cleaning products fill landfills with TONS of plastic, fill the home with toxic chemicals, and are very expensive. Homemade, non-toxic home cleaning products are easy to make, cheap, and very green. I encourage you to try a few.

Consider changing over all your light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs. I have actually noticed a significant reduction in my electric bill. If everyone switched to these bulbs, the energy savings for the world would be huge. It is a small thing that we all can do.


Market bags, either knit or purchased at your favorite store. Saves a recourse, and keeps trash out of the landfill.

Ed Bagley Jr. is the guru of all things green. Check out some of his suggestions.

Happy Knitting!

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