Sunday, February 17, 2008

How to Darn Socks

My good friend Jen over at sent me a link to the most wonderful video demonstration of sock darning. Since I am preoccupied with knitting, repairing, and mending socks, I thought I would pass the video on to all my dear readers.


punkin said...

I am glad you shared this. This is the video I thought I had bookmarked but lost. I have a darning egg, but I like the look of the mushroom she used. I hope you share a picture of your darned sock.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this video link. My grandmother used to darn socks for us. I'm way old, and she's long gone. I've got a favorite pair of socks with a hole. sew...

Actually, I can't belive I just watched however many min. of sock darning, but hey it's New Years Day.

Happy New Year!