Sunday, September 09, 2007

Late Post

I really wanted to post these pictures from my last trip sooner. However, I caught a bad cold this week, and I just wasn't up to blogging.

Sly and I had a nice time. We really didn't do much, but we relaxed and enjoyed our trip very much. One thing I wish I had taken a picture of was our pizza picnic in the park. Yes, we ordered a pizza and ate it in a very cute little park. The park had the sweetest log cabin. We were able to look in the windows and see that it was fully furnished, but not open to the public at that time.

Buddy got to go this time. He loved his trip. As you can see, he was very worn out. I had to vacuum the RV the next morning to get all the yellow fur out of the carpet.

There will be a ginormous knitting update this week. I have lots of stuff to share.

Happy Knitting!

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