Monday, May 07, 2007

Free free free!

I feel so free and light without a care in the world now. It is nice to not worry about boring books to read, papers to write, or test to take. I was very uninspired by my class this semester. I really don't care much for linguistics. It is dry and tedious, so I am very glad it is over.

Pattern: various roll brim and double knit hat patterns that I made up as I went along
Yarn: bits from many, many projects
Needles: different sizes, but all 16 inch circs

Here is a pile of finished Dulaan hats. I think there are 20 something or other. There were a few wool/acrylic blends, so those are going to an Indian Reservation. All the 100% wool are going to Mongolia. I am officially done with hats for at least a month.

Pattern: you all know I don't use a pattern to knit socks
Yarn: Lion Wool bought for $3 at Walmart
Needles: size 7 DPNs

I made these as a graduation gift for a classmate who has earned her Master's degree. She use to give me chocolate in class, so I thought the gift of warm, woolly socks would be a good idea.

I have plans for lots of warm weather knitting. I have ordered several pounds of cotton and cotton blends. I hope to get several warm weather sweaters done this summer. All of the patterns I have picked out are from Big Girl Knits. I'll keep you all posted.

I also got my copy of Charmed Knits today. I am totally enchanted! I will certainly be working on Mrs. Weasley's sweater and knitting bag!

I have one or two WIPs to get off the needles before my summer knitting yarn arrives. So, I'll go work on those now.

Happy Knitting!


Purl said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. Hope you have lots of fun knitting and reading.

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Ginger said...

Wow! That is a lot of hats, yay for Dulaan.