Sunday, September 10, 2006

I am still here

I always seem to drop off the face of the planet when I am in school. Working on a master's while working at a high school does keep me on my toes. I love that I get to do lots of reading (since I am working on becoming and English teacher, it is expected), and work gives me time to do some mindless sock knitting (I plan it so that I am doing plain St st legs or feet at work).

What I don't have lots of time for is blogging. I have plans to share bits of my knitting and life with you all, but my plans are dashed by changes in assignments and plain being tiered all the time.

Last weekend, Sly and I were able to get away for the long weekend. We took our RV to Spring Mill State Park in southern Indiana. It is really wonderful there. We explored caves, visited the pioneer village (I swear I took pictures of EVERY spinning wheel and quilt in the place), and saw the Grissom Memorial (very nice but small to someone who has visited the Space Coast in Florida as much as I have). So, here is a small selection of my photos from last weekend. Enjoy!

Me knitting outside of Granny White's house. I actually met one of her descendents while sitting here. BTW, see my project pouch from Piddleloop? It is my all time fave knitting bag.

A wonderful little scene with a knitting basket. I did get to talk with the woman who made the quilt as well.

The best spinning wheel picture I took all weekend. I think it is just charming. :)

Another "traveling sock!" Not to mention the charming Midwestern town in the background. I don't remember where I took this. Indiana small towns all have the same feeling to them, and after a while, you can't tell one from another.

I also worked on my Irish Hiking Scarf. The thing I hate about scarves is that after about 4 feet I get a little tired of them, but a 4 foot long scarf is just too short.

Just in case any of you were wondering, this is what I do with my ball of yarn while in the truck.

That is all for now, happy knitting!


Purl said...

Looks like a great time! I am envious of all your reading, but I have to remember that required reading isn't the same. Good luck with staying sane.

GaiaGal said...


There you are!!

Whew!! I was having withdrawl. ;)

We never visited that park, it sounds really nice. Love the pictures, especially the spinning wheel. Glad you were able to get a way for a bit.

I just finished reading Angels & Demons by Dan Brown (Author of The Da Vinci Code). Another page turning thriller with Robert Langdon as the lead character...most of the story take place in Vatican City so it was interesting.

Post when ya can, i'll look forward to hearing how things are going.